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Thursday, August, 11, 2022



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Libya: back to square One

Foreign interference remains a serious obstacle to the return of peace in Libya, even if personal and tribal rivalries in this neighboring country should...

In Germany, the federal public prosecutor’s office seizes the investigation into the Hanau attacks

Germany woke up in shock on Thursday, February 20, when it learned that a double racist shooting had struck two shisha bars in Hanau...
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Mobilization against pension reform: 92,000 demonstrators in France

"We will go until withdrawal!" " The procession is not yet Montparnasse party that union representatives motivate their troops with a lot of slogans. But for this...

After the double attack, Angela Merkel denounces the “poison” of racism in Germany

Angela Merkel castigated Thursday the "poison" of racism in Germany after the attacks that killed nine people in Hanau, near Frankfurt, linking this act to other...
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Climate change: Greta Thunberg files complaint on behalf of children

Greta Thunberg and fifteen children decided to go beyond speeches and calls to protest. This Monday, September 23, they filed a complaint against five countries,...

French arrest warrant against the head of the Islamic State Group

Five years after the start of the wave of Islamist attacks in France, mainly inspired or claimed by the Islamic State group, the justice...
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In Shanghai, Macron calls for “European play” against China

In full commercial rivalry between Washington and Beijing, Emmanuel Macron began his second visit to China on Monday, calling on Europeans to speak and...

Election posters: there is the rule, and then the fair

You have certainly seen them, they are starting to bloom everywhere. They are the posters of the various candidates for municipal elections. How is this regulated...
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