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Ronald Reagan’s apology tour

Know that we are a force for good in this world and that is nothing to apologize for.

— Sarah Palin, speech for Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday

This seems to be a not-so-subtle way of rehashing the tired criticism of Obama for supposedly apologizing on behalf of the US. Well, in the context of honoring Reagan, it may not been a very wise idea to engage in such a line of attack.

UPI, 1981:

Southam News, 1983:

UPI, 1985:

LAT, 1985:

NYT, 1988:

To summarize: the Reagan administration apologized to Japan for a sea incident, to France for the US’ hiding of a Nazi war criminal after WWII, to “Red” China for a police failure to abide by the Vienna Convention, to the Soviet-puppet regime in Poland for subsidizing anti-government radio programs, and to tens of thousands of Japanese-Americans for their internment during WWII.