Cambodian citizens infected

On May 16, Cambodian authorities announced that there was no coronavirus infected in the country. As you know, from the beginning of the epidemic, 122 official cases of the disease were recorded there, but all patients were cured. It is reported by the Ministry of Health of the country.

“On Saturday, May 16, out of 122 patients who have been sick since the onset of the coronavirus infection pandemic that was treated in hospitals in Cambodia, 122 have recovered,” the report said.

It is known that not a single person has died from the onset of a pandemic in the country.

Of the 122 Cambodian citizens infected, there were only 54 patients.

Despite the positive indicators, quarantine measures continue to operate in the country.

Recall, on April 14, it was reported that on the island of Greenland, which is an autonomous part of Denmark, there were no more cases of infection with a new coronavirus.

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It is known that a total of 11 cases of infection were recorded on the island. And all patients managed to recover, so Greenland became the first territory in the world that completely got rid of the disease.

It is noted that the first infected on the island was found in mid-March. In total, 900 people passed the test for infection there. Already on April 4, not a single new case of infection was recorded on the island.

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