Ahmadiyya muslims attack terrorist Netrakona bangaldesh PM sheikh Hasin

Right after the Friday prayer in the afternoon, more than 400 goons of Jamat-e-Islami Bangladesh attacked and vandalized a mosque of Ahmadiyya Muslims in Netrakona town of Bangladesh. It was a planned terror attack against Ahmadiyya Muslims in Bangladesh. Anti-Ahmadiyya Movements in Bangladesh are selling the sentiments and avenge as ISIS do.

Terror Attack on Ahmadiyya Muslims

This is the second time that JeI and Hefazat-e-Islam (HeI) plotted a terror attack on Ahmadiyya Muslims in the country. Shah Ahmad Shafi, the notorious kingpin of Hefazat-e-Islam radical Islamist group, is actively involved in planning and executing such attacks especially on Ahmadiyya Muslim Community within Bangladesh.

Media Not Bothered about Ahmadis

Mainstream media outlets are afraid of reporting the event. A report is published in the New Age Bangladesh newspaper, saying ‘Under-construction Ahmadiyya mosque vandalized’. Freedom of Press is either influenced or under threat in Bangladesh.

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The radical mob led by Islamist goons attacked and vandalized the Ahmadiyya mosque with hammers and axes. It has been reported that the local Imam of Muslims in the region delivered a radicalized sermon against Ahmadiyya Muslims. The local police have not filed any report on the attack. Top police officials are questioning victims of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the region instead arresting the terror minded goons under the influence of Shah Ahmad Shafi.

Shah Ahmadi Shafi behind Attack

Shah Ahmad Shafi is a supporter of the Taliban in Afghanistan and speaks the language of ISI of Pakistan. As Ahmadis are declared not-Muslims in Pakistan, Shafi wants them to be banned in Bangladesh too following the footsteps of Pakistani radical Islamist lobby.

Extremism of Hefazat-e-Islam

Shah Ahmad Shafi runs a radical Islamist group called Hefazat-e-Islam (HeI) in Bangladesh. HeI has strong ties with ISIS, Astha, JMB and ISI of Pakistan.

Pro-Caliphate Agenda of HeI

The agenda of HeI is to establish a caliphate in the Indian subcontinent. Since March 2017, JeI is smuggling its jihadist teachings to India. The Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) is a terrorist wing actively involved in terror activities within India.

JMB, ULFA, Astha, Dawood, and HeI

The Eastern Herald exposed the connections of JMB in India in the month of July. JMB has some serious connections with Dawood Ibrahim, ULFA, and Astha.

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A fugitive Col. Shahid Uddin Khan, an ex-Bangladesh Army personnel, is a real face behind the funding to JMB in India. HeI and JMB are operating in cooperation of D-Company of the Most Wanted Don of India, Dawood Ibrahim.

PM Hasina Remains Silent

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, wants to play safe as to attain the confidence of radical Islamist lobby within Bangladesh. Due to poor employment, the Muslim youth in the country are vulnerable. Terrorist groups like JeI and HeI radicalize them and use them for their ultimate goal of caliphate like ISIS in Asia.

Persecution of Ahmadi Muslims

The Ahmadi Muslims are targetted repeatedly by many terror outfits in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India and in other so-called Islamic nations too. Jamat-e-Islami in India is actively and directly involved in lynching of many Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Following is a detailed report published on India News.

The atrocities caused by these radical and militant groups on Ahmadis are countless. No government in Bangladesh or any other country has the courage to raise voice and act to protect the rights of this religious group.

Ahmadi Muslims Preach Love

“Yesterday’s attack on Ahmadis is a failure of system, police, and the government”, said an Ahmadiyya victim. He said, “we are a peace-loving and peace preaching community. Just because of our religious beliefs we’re targetted. We’re Muslims and these groups of Islamist goons teach their children that Ahmadis are kaafirs (Infidels), even worst than kaafirs. This is their duty to get rid of us by killing. They looted our shops and wounded our elders, women, and children too.” said Kaif.

Bangladesh Police Support Extremists

ISIS backed HeI and JeI has been threatening the local Ahmadis of Netrakona town asking them to leave the town. Sheikh Hasina government remains silent.

“Police said they can not protect us against these threats”, said Netrakona Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat general secretary Hanif Ahamad.

Netrakona Sadar police officer-in-charge, Tajul Islam, refused to accept the building as a mosque rather he called it a ‘house of Ahmadiyyas’.