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Sunday, August, 7, 2022



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Should we worry about Marine Le Pen becoming French president?

On Sunday, the French voted and chose their top two candidates – Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen – out of a pool of...

How does the Ukrainian crisis affect Libya?

Russia has started a military operation in Ukraine despite Western warnings from the European Union and the threat to impose sanctions on Moscow that...
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Why Libya’s election has collapsed at that time?

Libya election would not take on 24 December but it has not set a new date or worked out how to move forward to...

We definitely want relations between Bangladesh and Israel soon

On December 20, journalist Mike Wagenheim wrote an article on the possibilities of normalizing relations between Bangladesh, the third-largest Muslim country and Israel, the...
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Right-Wing Authoritarianism’s dominance and tumultuous educational landscape in India

Even the most ardent supporters of democracy who opposed imperialism and colonialism feared "majority dictatorship." Not only in the 17th century but also today...

What can lift the US sanctions on Bangladesh officials

On December 10, 2021, the US government aka Joe Biden administration announced financial sanctions and other restrictions on 15 individuals and 10 entities in...
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Why a parallel government in Libya?

The High State Council (HSC) continues to indirectly seek to prevent the holding of elections. On the other hand, the world continues to push...

Pandemic has exposed India’s disease of inequality

The Coronavirus pandemic that has been ravaging the world for nearly two years and shows no signs of abating is no longer merely a...
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