Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina Losing Allies; Salah Uddin is an Approach

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina losing precious allies due to conspirators

Sheikh hasina lead Bangladesh may lose their strong allies. Israel is a big support for Bangladesh and Salah Uddin Choudhury is a big support.
Political cul-de-sac, No, this is not just Tamasha

Political cul-de-sac, No, this is not just Tamasha

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina won December 30 general elections. International media is not acknowledging the development in Bangladesh in the Awami Leage government.
Implications and effect of sycophancy

Implications and effect of sycophancy

Sycophancy is the trend of many politically motivated individuals or groups. In USA at the time of Clinton there was a lot on public expense.
Focus on North Eastern States and challenges of technical education

Challenges of Quality Technical Education: Special Focus on Technical Institutions of North Eastern States

The North Eastern States are still a challenge for technical education. The government should focus on promoting technical education in north-east India
In pursuit of efficient, decisive government: Time for retailoring notion

In pursuit of Efficient and Decisive Government: Time for Retailoring Notion

Lok Sabha elections 2019 are about to launch. The national government and political parties are ready. Indian political system and ruling party.
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Free for Life Credit Card; The Captive Borrower Lifetime

Zero downpayment and Lifetime Free card is just a bluff. Credit Card companies harass people and charge them 36% interest on the debts.

A New Kind of so-called Dharmayudha; BJP vs Congress

BJP was destined to win the 2014 electoral battle as people wanted a change from the clutches of Gandhi – Nehru clan political rule...
Hanuman- Sankat Mochan or Sankat Amantran

Lord Hanuman; Sankat Mochan or Sankat Amantran

Politics in India made Hanuman a sankat amantran deity. Caste and Religion have centered the political system in the country.
Saudi crown prince Muhammad bin Salman

Growing Iranian Power, Civil Conflict in Yemen; Cairo & Riyadh for Africa

Cairo and Riyadh conflict. Security cooperation reached its peak on Yemeni civil war and Red Sea issues & Face of the growing Iranian power.
HBO - Our Boys - Trailer - Poster

HBO’s “Our Boys” – Anti-Israel propaganda or an honest look into a harsh reality?

The summer of 2014 was one of the worst summers in the bloody history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The chain of events that deteriorated...