Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina losing precious allies due to conspirators

Salah Uddin may become the most reliable source between Bangladesh and Israel

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina Losing Allies; Salah Uddin is an Approach
Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina Losing Allies; Salah Uddin is an Approach

When Bangladeshi Prime Minister is boasting of combating militancy and getting sympathy from the international community, some elements very much within the power-houses in that country are actively conspiring in proving Ms. Hasina wrong. Although this newspaper has extended support to Sheikh Hasina’s government ignoring global propaganda stating last year’s general elections were fake and totally rigged – The Eastern Herald was amongst the first two news outlets publishing positive commentary right after the December 30 general election was held.

We still uphold that policy because we believe, Sheikh Hasina is the leader who has been very effectively transforming a struggling economy in Bangladesh into a mighty economy. At this time there is no alternative to Sheikh Hasina to the people of Bangladesh. As an Indian and a member of the persecuted, I always want Bangladesh to prosper. At the same time, I do hope, Bangladesh does not turn into another Pakistan(a religious fanatic state), a country which is controlled and dictated by radical Islamic elements. For this reason, while focusing on the economic emancipation of her people, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina should also keep vigilant eyes on the risks posed by radical Islamso-called Caliphate, and jihad. This is particularly crucial at this junction when Bangladesh already is facing an extreme burden due to the Rohingya refugee crisis. A slightest mistake in tackling this issue may spark unimaginable catastrophe to Bangladesh and the region and even beyond due to a rise of militancy activities of a nexus of Islamic State (ISIS) and Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA). Let Ms. Hasina not forget, Pakistan’s security agency ISI would take the undue advantage of instigating militancy in Bangladesh if it gets even the slightest scope.

Due to geopolitical factors, Bangladesh being a smaller country in size is a huge importance to several global players. While it is said – Bangladesh is surrounded by India, it also is a fact – Bangladesh is located at very much inside India’s geographical part. If anything goes wrong in Bangladesh, the worst affected will be India. So, in other words, a stable Bangladesh is extremely vital for the national security and even integrity of India. Considering these facts, we have no reason to undermine Bangladesh’s importance.

When Bangladesh is already at potential risk of witnessing a rise of pro-Caliphate and militancy elements largely because of a continuous conspiracy of Pakistani ISI and the growing Rohingya refugee crisis as well risk of similar crises from other fronts, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina badly needs most effective allies like Blitz editor Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. It also needs to abandon the decade-old wrong diplomacy and immediately establish relations with Israel. In this case, no one else can be a better ‘ambassador’ of meaningful and effective relationships between Dhaka and Jerusalem than Mr. Choudhury. This is not out of mere assumption or speculation. Rather the observations are based on facts, that might be still unknown to many. There is no room to doubt – by establishing relations with Israel, Bangladesh will receive huge benefits in multiple ways. Israel also can be Bangladesh’s most effective partner in countering militancy as well as helping in further enriching the technology and scientific sectors.

But unfortunately, it seems to me, conspirators in Dhaka are already playing effectively in depriving Sheikh Hasina of such huge prospects. They even are actively trying to distant precious allies from her. Most possibly the Bangladesh Prime Minister is either unaware or somehow misled of these facts. The very latest incident of blocking the online edition of Weekly Blitz newspaper evidently proves – conspirators do not want Sheikh Hasina in having extremely influential and effective media to be in her favor. They are conspiring in creating misunderstanding between Sheikh Hasina and her genuine allies. This is clearly a part of the conspiracy of Pakistani ISI and it’s jihadist cronies.

Editor of Blitz is not any unknown individual rather he is well known to many important people in the world. To my understanding, Blitz has already emerged into the most influential anti-militancy and pro-Israel newspaper to the international community.

People may argue saying, if Blitz and its editor are such influential, how Bangladesh could afford keeping him in prison for many years. My reply to this question is simple. Mr. Choudhury is a genuine patriot who loves Bangladesh. Should he be someone like Clinton-patronized Professor Mohammad Yunus or ISI-patronized photographer Shahidul Alam, he could have compelled Bangladesh by mobilizing a huge outcry internationally. Moreover, let us not forget, in 2007, the United States Congress had passed a bi-partisan resolution (HR-64) in defense of Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury by 409:1 vote. Similar resolutions were passed by the European Union Parliament and the Australian Senate.

One more important point that Bangladesh needs to remember is, Mr. Choudhury has served rigorous imprisonment in blasphemy charges and also for the “crimes” of confronting radical Islam and jihad; denouncing antisemitism and Holocaust denial; defending the State of Israel, and promoting interfaith harmony. Most importantly, Bangladesh court held him guilty of treason for exposing madrassa as breeding grounds of jihadist and terming Osama bin Laden and Yasser Arafat as terrorists. May I ask – doesn’t Bangladesh – more precisely Sheikh Hasina considers Osama bin Laden and Arafat as terrorists? If not, then, of course, they would lose moral grounds of claiming themselves to be anti-militancy. Here I remind, the trumped-up charges against Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury were brought by BNP-Jamaat coalition government in 2003 while he was wrongly convicted in January 2014 when Sheikh Hasina was country’s Prime Minister.

Let me also remind Dhaka, the resolution passed in the United States Congress is no small matter. Nor are those resolutions passed by the European Union Parliament and the Australian Senate. By continuing intimidations on Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, Bangladesh actually is disrespecting and ignoring those resolutions. In other words – authorities in Bangladesh are insulting those nations. Is that something Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina wants?