China is Picketing India from All Sides. Failure of India's Foreign Policy
China is Picketing India from All Sides. Failure of India's Foreign Policy

Every country has international ties. To strengthen the relations with other governments and allies every country ties with reliable sources.

Losing big allies, especially neighboring countries may give a wrong signal to the international community about the respective country.

India in the last 5 years lost very good friends which may prove to be the isolation of a giant country. Since 2014, during the BJP regime headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a good number of neighboring allies are slipping away due to unreliable foreign policies. Bangladesh and Nepal are two of those names.

  • China is extensively investing in Nepal, Pakistan and now in Bangladesh too.
  • India is losing its allies due to foreign policy.
  • Some regions in India became vulnerable to Chinese infiltration.

Nepal, where India has great political and economic contributions and cultural syndication seems to be pro-Chinese now.

The Indian currency is banned in Nepal

Since 2018 the Indian Rupee is banned in Nepal giving India a clear indication that Nepal is not favoring Indian policies. While on another side Chinese Yuan has attained a national status of a mode of exchange in Nepal. Even the textbooks in Nepal are dictating China as a friendly neighbor rejecting Indian favors. Indian foreign policy has turned in such a manner that according to our clandestine sources Nepal is planning to revoke visa-free travel policy for India giving China a new base in the region like Pakistan.

The regions of Pilibhit, Kheri, Bahraich, Gonda, Balrampur and Mahrajganj district became critical to the national security of India now. The Chinese infiltration may cause a big hurdle to India through these forest regions bordering Nepal.

China has a history of creating insurgency and revolt among common people creating militancy in the region. India has suffered a huge loss due to militancy in different regions; Kashmir, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. We cannot afford another such insurgency in Uttar Pradesh(UP). The trans-Himalayan railway is a very important Chines strategy footstep and should not be ignored by India. Nepal faces a huge deficit trading through Indian sea routes. China offers a greater deal-making Nepal a more sufficient and resourceful economy.
India must learn from her own mistakes.

Bangladesh was a great India favoring Nation

Since the Bangladesh independence, Bangladesh has considered India its biggest ally. Indian contribution through Mukti Bahini, during the period of PM Indira Gandhi, made Bangladesh a sovereign nation and one of the biggest ally of India.

Since the last 3 years, the Bangladeshi strategic moves are not going in favor of India at all. Seeking Chinese investment and ignoring Indian favors may prove to be a dead-end for India as happening in Nepal.

The Sheikh Hasina regime is turning Bangladesh into another Radical Islamist country

After December 2018 general elections in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina started favoring Islamist groups in Bangladesh. Notorious Islamist groups Hefazat-e-Islam and Khatm-e-Nabuwat are gaining public sympathy and favors of the ruling elite in Bangladesh. The 12th February 2019 attack on Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Bangladesh and involvement of bureaucrats and ruling elites shows Sheikh Hasina’s inclination towards the Islamist militant groups.

India is already fighting a proxy war with its neighboring nation Pakistan due to Pakistan’s patronization of Islamist terrorist organizations like Khatm-e-Nabuwat, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, and Taliban. If conditioning of radical groups remains the same in Bangladesh, India may face another Islamist insurgency from Bangladesh too.

China is picketing India from all sides

China’s involvement in Pakistan on Gwadar tuned Pakistan’s economy in another direction. This made India more vulnerable to Anti-India powers. Intelligence agencies like Mossad and CIA many times showed their concern towards these long-run operations. If China gets favor from Bangladesh, which it will, Indian borders become more violent and a huge cost bearing for its security. Nepal has already turned into another Chinese base.

All neighboring nations; Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, this way, may become another big trouble for the Indian armed forces.