Kashmir Curfew Indian Forces

Indian Govt. of BJP’s unyielding disinformation approach and callous viciousness continue to grow with congruence in the Jammu Kashmir territory. Disinformation that proffers about ‘deliberately spreading false ideas within a community’, now seems a significant national strategy tool for the Modi government. Kashmir Issue, BJP’s lies, curfew in the valley and Kashmir News reporting. The tactic has provided a spiffing support system in history to the various leaders in guilty of authoritarianism to achieve their political objectives.

Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India seems to be in a firm pledge with ‘disinformation operations’ in Kashmir news without which his success is unlikely in domestic and foreign affairs. The ‘Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) win’ in 2019 electoral is largely credited to his ‘bundle of lies’ which convinced the Indian populace to vote on the ideological lines of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

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Labeling Pakistan a ‘Propaganda State’

Indian media, in its news about Kashmir, spells the condemning counterstatements of Pakistani leadership against Indian Jammu atrocities “a propaganda” as marked by Zee TV, New Delhi’s pay television channel and ‘The Economic Times’. With all the world media in unison, highlighting the outrage of New Delhi, alas its state own media still features a rare placid layout of Kashmir.

To avoid biases the reality of Srinagar, the capital city of J&K, the article is explained not under the information sources of Islamabad, but from the ones on aired by international press all across South Asia and Europe including BBC, CNN, New York Times, Al Jazeera, TRT World, Khaleej Times and Indian famous newspapers about Kashmir news and propaganda.

The territory presents the scenario of a military garrison with several Indian troops resting on roads, and within the streets as per BBC. CNN headlines ‘Under the Curtain: Kashmir Residents Contend with Pellet Guns and Restrictions’. India can dub the Pakistan broadcasts as self-fabricated vistas but the following content is all gathered from so-called “anti- Pakistan” or neutral forums.

So let’s take in the Urmila Matondkar, an Indian actress converted politician’s statement on the twenty-second day of curfew in Kashmir which is a piece of marked evidence that which side is fostering Kashmir news propaganda and disinformation: “The question is not only about abrogating Article 370. It was done in an inhuman manner”.

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Which source to believe?

India who is incessantly dishing the dirt over Pakistan disseminating it as a false agitator cannot nullify the issued reports of Al-Jazeera, a Qatar based news channel. Al Jazeera broadcast ‘Kashmir Shutdown: Farmers Struggle to Make a Living’ was transmitted on August 27, 2019.

The farmers in the report are concerned about the chaotic situation in Srinagar which has ceased the transport of lush seasonal Apples to the entire country. The 75 percent production may get decayed if not carried to other cities on time. Al Jazeera vividly credited the curfew for this worrisome apple crisis whereas the clip was countered on August 30, 2019, on Zee TV which informed the audience that the issues in apple industry have originated due to terrorist bully and oppression in area. To whom can the viewership believe? Such junctures can be of harm when the public are not obsessive to fact-checking. 

From the slogans of Democracy to Fascism

Fascism is forceful suppression with oppression and dictatorial powers. Today, Modi carries the Mussolini’s fascist stick in his hand. Any rational can estimate how India is detaining people from the freedom of speech in order to conceal the reality of Srinagar. At first, Dr. Omer Salim was being taken in the police custody right after his BBC interview in which he highlighted the shortage of medicines and misery of dialysis patients. Rahul Gandhi, an Indian politician, was forcefully compelled to change his stance over Kashmir other than that he is marked a juvenile by proponents of Modi government.

Resignation of Kannan Gopinathan

Civil Service Officer Kannan Gopinathan is an exemplar who passed his resignation questioning the credibility of Indian democracy. India Today jots Kannan about Kashmir issue and news coverage, “I joined civil service with the hope that I can be the voice of those who have been silenced. But here, I lost my own voice.”

The mayor to Srinagar Junaid Azim Mattu, is under house arrest for criticizing the clampdown in Jammu and Kashmir, another instance of Indian fascism delivered on TRT World. He has notified that in, Kashmir news propaganda, the Indian media is featuring a false portrayal of normalcy in Srinagar whereas the situation is not calm as it seems. He accounts, “While the communication blackout has created a situation where specifics are speculative, it is safe to assume the ground situation can’t possibly be anywhere near normal. The media and administrative narrative seem content in defining ‘normalcy’ in a purely operational context,”

Khaleej Times, a United Arab Emirates daily published newspaper specks ‘people have been asked not to venture outside and barricades have been placed’. Satya Pal Malik, Governor Jammu and Kashmir during his first conference after he took charge assured the world about the availability of all basic needs to the poor citizenry of Srinagar but some veracities are self-explanatory.

Kashmiris Deprived of Their Needs

Now in an era of technology, the transactions are unable to be made as the ATMs had run out of money. The internet service being jammed forbids the patients with insurance policies to use their smartcards in hospitals. The pharmacists cannot inform their suppliers about the shortages. The prior data of the case cannot be matched neither the doctors can develop contact with their senior expertise.

Death of Asrar Ahmad Khan

New York Times registers ‘Asrar was known as a smart young man who stayed away from protests, has died after security officers hit him in the face with buckshot. The 16-year-old, Asrar Ahmed Khan, had just finished playing cricket in a narrow, brick-walled lane on the evening of August 6th.

Perturbed peace of South Asia

The brisk progress in Indo-Pak territorial conflict is likely to develop a downfall in economic stature of South Asia fostering a lacuna in trade patterns. Europe’s First World War was mayhem and once again it is evidenced that the alliance monopoly is reviving in Asian politics. India seems victorious who despite of its vile demonstration in Kashmir still holds USA, UAE, and dominantly a new knit Russia in the fist.

Beijing and New Delhi over Kashmir

The dubiety in this regard prevails, who is going to be the future economy of South Asia? The USA- Sino trade bond is likely to break wholly in trade and technology war with clashes too scrutinized between New Delhi and Beijing over Kashmir.

Is Xi’s country fracturing its ties with the world’s two giant economies at the same hour? The Chinese foreign minister has canceled his September trip to India and preferred to visit Islamabad before venturing to New Delhi. Henceforth in momentary, the future of region remains uncertain with the two nukes owing country entangling with them more weapon possessor states.

If Modi government claims in it’s Kashmir news propaganda that there is no practice of violence in Kashmir from the forces and no causalities have occurred, it still aims to become the indirect murderer of the many from each family by keeping them deprived of treating their ailments and fulfillment of basic needs. In the light of above all foreign media sources, one rational can identify the real disinformation machine in this hour of Kashmir crisis.

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