Islamist militancy biased media and black balls on the anti-militancy establishments

For the past few months. some suspicious individuals and news outlets involved in media jihad have been publishing articles by wrongly proclaimed Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI) in Bangladesh as the “culprit” behind forced disappearance and extra-judicial killings.

If we understand the global realities of the ongoing battle against radical Islam and militancy, we shall realize, most of the anti-militancy establishments and individuals are becoming targets of some vested interest groups.

Allegations of forced disappearance by media jihadist groups are also being raised against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) quite on a regular basis. Such propaganda are carried out by the cohorts of radical Islam and militancy, with the ulterior agenda of sabotaging the ongoing efforts against militancy and terrorism.

Recently, Turkey and Iran are aggressively continuing propaganda against Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman centering Jamal Khashoggi case.

Some people are making politics of projecting Khasshogi as a hero, though it is a proven fact that Jamal Khashoggi not only was a member of Muslim brotherhood but he had a personal rapport with Osama Bin Laden.

Khashoggi has been propagating radical Islam and saw Saudi rulers, particularly crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman as his foe because of the Kingdom’s effective efforts against radical Islam and militancy. Khashoggi is known to be the inventor of media jihad in radical groups.

Knowing the past track record of Khashoggi no one can argue from a clean fact that he has been another Anwar al-Awlaki who was in charge of media Jihad.

According to counter militancy experts, jihadist groups are continuing to fronts-physical jihad and jihad through the web or media jihad. Understanding alarming information of return of ISIS in a much bigger way and al-Qaida gaining far wider capabilities-combatting jihad in both fronts are extremely essential. In that case, if the world is hunting Abubakar Al Baghdadi or jihadist big wings, people like Jamal Khashoggi fall in the same line as the kingpin of web jihad.

Anti militancy establishments deserve to enjoy a certain degree of impunity for the sake of effectively combatting the evil forces of jihad.

We are aware of anti-Guantanamo bay detention center propaganda most possibly carried by anti-Americans and pro-militancy forces. To my understanding putting the militants in the same prison alongside the regular prisoners pose the gravest risk of spread of radical Islam inside the prison.

In recent days we are hearing about the radicalization of prison inmates being beaten. According to media reports, jihadists are establishing dominance in the British jails. Most possibly similar things are taking place in prisons in India, Bangladesh, the United States, EU nations, Israel and the Arab world.

We know about jihadist smuggling out “Jihad Sperm” outside the prison thus breeding hundreds of jihadists in and beyond Gaza strips.

India clearly is vulnerable to jihadist trick, particularly because of cross-border instigation from Pakistan, which once the destruction of Hindustan. India being the largest democracy in the world definitely spends as the prime target of radical Islam and jihad.

Our neighboring nation Bangladesh, being a Muslim majority country is certainly exposed to radical Islam and militancy. We have witnessed in the recent days the very disturbing rise of Hefazat-e-Islam, which in my opinion is no less dangerous than Al-Qaeda or ISIS.

Hefazat-e-Islam has been smartly using Bangladeshi and international media in shifting the attention of the anti-militancy establishments from madrassas to general education institutions.

Unfortunately, most of the journalists and media are falling prey to Hefazat’s trap. Although there is no argument about the spread of radical Islam within the general education system, madrassas and mosques still remain the epicenter of jihadist indoctrination.

Radicalized individuals from madrassa education system are in-fact infecting religious extremism, radicalism, and jihad within the non-madrassa educational institutions, general education institutions, and society.

We need to remember neither Osama Bin Laden or Abubakar al-Baghdadi are from the general education system.

For the last few months, there is offensive propaganda by media jihadist groups against Bangladeshi intelligence agency DGFI, accusing it to be the ‘culprit’ behind the forced disappearances.

Bangladesh has been rigorously fighting militancy and terrorism under the leadership of Prime Minister Shaikh Hasina where DGFI has been playing a very crucial and praiseworthy role. But, terror network al-Jazeera and those cronies of radical Islam could see their top enemy in DGFI.

These notorious elements are bringing ridiculous allegations of forced disappearances against this agency. Al-Jazeera is propagating the ulterior motives of terror outfits and thus promoting media jihad throughout the world.

A man living in Britain, Shahid Uddin Khan who is a known funder of ISIS is being praised by some notorious journalists. Shahid Uddin Khan is facing criminal and terrorism charges in Bangladesh. Some reports revealed Khan’s involvement in the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka. Just 3 days prior to Easter Sunday attacks some funds are disbursed to some radical groups in Sri Lanka through Sahid Uddin Khan.

There are some dubious journalists and media outlets portraying Col. Khan as an angel. Colonel Khan’s property House No. 184, Road No. 2, Baridhara DOHS in Dhaka, Bangladesh on January 17, 2019, in Dhaka was raided by the Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime (CTTC).

In the raid large amount of detonators, explosives, weapons, counterfeit Bangladeshi currency, and Islamic State‘s jihadist propaganda material is ceased.

Those reporters and so-called journalists belong to the same lobby of web or media jihadists. David Bergman is one of the notorious names emerged as a jihad and Islamic State supporter. David Bergman is on the payroll of jihadist networks and sacked Colonel Khan is his main handler in the United Kingdom.

Shahid Uddin Khan is a fugitive now and Interpol recently has issued Red Notice on him and members of his family. Following his jihadist lobby Col. Khan is buying media and trying his very tough to control the politicians in the UK. Recently a case is registered against British MP Richard Hammond of being involved with Shahid Uddin Khan’s black money.

Khan has been spending lavishly on buying media and politicians in Britain. In Sadiq Khan’s London, he is continuing notorious activities of establishing Sharia rule in various countries. He also is accused of funding radical Islamic groups and individuals including infamous Anjem Choudary.

Shahid Uddin Khan with a background of the army is capable of carrying special tasks designed and programmed by jihadist groups like ISIS. Very professionally Col. Khan is carrying his assignments, especially in Asia while living in the UK.

British Intelligence should immediately begin the investigation into the case of sacked Bangladeshi Army Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan and those in Britain who are collaborating with him.