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Sunday, September, 25, 2022



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The Middle East .. From tension and conflicts to diplomacy

In these days in which the repercussions of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan continue, we are witnessing rapid developments in the world of politics...

Foreign aid, conditionality and development

Foreign aid, which is significant for developing economic and other aspects in less developed and developing countries, is given to different countries. Less developed...
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Iran Turns A Soft Stance Towards Neighboring Taliban Government, Hints At Cooperation

Iran watched in silence as its once ally Northern Alliance's current version National Resistance Front called for help from the world community in its...

Third World War and its possibility

The pandemic made devastating impacts across the world by causing the death of the lives of millions and bringing enormous economic loss and other...
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Will Turkey fall in “Thucydides’s trap”?

Relations between Turkey and its Western allies in the United States and Europe are at a low point due to Turkey’s clear intention to...

Afghanistan’s Face of Resistance Against Taliban: Amrullah Saleh

At a moment when Afghanistan needed its leaders the most, President Ashraf Ghani very conveniently sighting the danger on his life, fled away from...
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How Genomics plays a role in Criminal Prosecution.. India

Technology evolves much faster than the law can keep up and this is more so with Genomics. DNA Technology over the years has become...

Social Alienation or Normlessness as an Alarming Human Condition: The Product of and the Contributor to the Decaying Democracies

While every time we comprehend the critical human condition so vulnerable around power, war, and terror, it has been a matter of constant disappointment...
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