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What is wrong with Mamata’s West Bengal? CBI Raid causes loss to BJP

Mamta's Hooliganism will cause a huge turmoil

What is wrong with Mamata's West Bengal? CBI Raid causes loss to BJP
What is wrong with Mamata's West Bengal? CBI Raid causes loss to BJP

We have observed a different kind of hooliganism in West Bengal. This is something one of its only kind of incident happened in India since independence. Mamata’s hooliganism will cause a disturbance in the region.

In the support of Mamata like other opposition, Arvind Kejriwal said CBI entered my bedroom and harassed me on the command of Narendra Modi. This was not enough and Mamata Benerji started a three days protest.

What is wrong with West Bengal?

This move of Mamata making the people of West Bengal think in a different direction. The state of turmoil in West Bengal; it is not Mamata against CBI but ‘India against India.’

In the name of politics what Mamata Benerji is doing reminds me of pre-1971 scenario in East Pakistan. I’m already seeing another “Bangabandhu” in Mamata Banerjee.

The neighboring nation to West Bengal is Bangladesh with more than 170 million Bengali population. Bangladesh is economically developing but West Bengal is not. West Bengal may get annoyed that the next door neighbor is prospering while they are not. The economic pace of Bangladesh is higher and in West Bengal, it is something due to political turmoil since last 3 decades. It can be beneficial and interesting for both Mamata and BJP but bitter-tasting to the people of West Bengal.

The neighboring states of West Bengal; Nagaland, Mizoram, and Tripura are already facing a lot of disturbance due to its different racial and tribal issues; Mizo, Naga, Bru and now Rohingya too. Many incidents of clashes are observed but not noted by media and never published.

Another catastrophe which will cause BJP a huge failure in the upcoming election in the state of WB and neighboring states is the issue of NRC and Citizen Amendment Bill(CAB). Mamata’s party is not supporting the bill and remained in the strong opposition causing big trouble in the region.

This bill will cause 4 million people to be kicked off from the nation on the grounds of their ethnicity.

BJP is very straightforward on this matter stating that they’ll only consider Hindus for resettlement and Muslims must leave the country.

2019 loksabha elections are about to begin in a month or so and BJP wants to play very safely on this. 

Mamata Banerji’s Bengali nationalism play may become a national threat for India.

If from Mamata’s side it is Modi’s Hooliganism then from another end it is Mamata’s too.

If the same response is given by other states then I don’t think India is in a situation to afford a home war. Security agencies, intelligence, and the government should take these things very seriously.