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PM Narendra Modi thinks of future whereas Rahul Gandhi tries to disrupt Parliament: Arun Jaitley

New Delhi: Hitting out at Congress for opposing demonetisation, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday said Rahul Gandhi was looking for ways to disrupt Parliament and his party was siding with “black money friendly status quo”, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being “futuristic” to create a technology-driven cleaner economy.

Jaitley said that Congress, despite being a national party, has decided to adopt a political position, opposing both technology, change and reforms, but their “exaggerated claims on the disruption of the economy have proved wrong”.

In a Facebook post, titled ‘Demonetisation — A look back at the last two months’, the Finance Minister said there was a marked difference in the approach of the Prime Minister and his opponents.

“The Prime Minister was being futuristic, and thinking of a more modern, technology driven cleaner economy. He is now speaking of cleaning the political funding systems. His opponents want a cash dominated, cash generating and cash exchange system to continue.

“The difference between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi was clear — the Prime Minister was thinking of the next generation while Rahul Gandhi was only looking at how to disrupt the next Session of Parliament,” Jaitley wrote.

After the shock demonetisation of Rs 500/1000 notes announced by Modi on November 8, the opposition Congress and Trinamool-led protests disrupted about a month-long winter session of Parliament which ended on December 16.

Last month, Gandhi had attacked Modi over demonetisation dubbing it as the “biggest scam in the history of India”.

There are fears that Opposition might also disturb the Budget session, which is scheduled to begin on January 31 with President’s address to both the Houses of Parliament.