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The US Administrative Action on Bangladesh; Threat to Democracy

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and December 30 general elections are in questions. Bangladesh Democracy is in Danger; a letter to Mike Pompeo.
Heroes and Missions of Radical Islamist and Terrorist group Khatm-e-Nabuwat

Khatm-e-Nabuwat group is the root cause of Terrorism and ISIS

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is attacked by ISIS and Khatm-e-Nabuwat in Bangladesh. Human Rights and Freedom of religion is on stake.
Sheikh Hasina's Midnight Hospitality to Hefazat-e-Islam kingping Shah Ahmad Shafi

ISIS Attacks Ahmadiyyas in Bangladesh; Wake Up Sheikh Hasina

ISIS took the responsibility of attack on Ahmadiyyas Muslims in Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina is trying to protect the Islamist Groups.
Ahmadiyya Attacked by Pro Caliphate Islamist Groups in Bangladesh

Pro-Caliphate Islamist Group Attacks Ahmadiyya: Law Enforcement Supports

Ahmadiyya Attacked by Radical Islamist Pro-Caliphate groups in Bangladesh. Ahmadiyya Shops looted and Ahmadis are assaulted. Authorities remained silent.
Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Shahi Imam Jama Masjid Delhi

Ahmed Bukhari, Quran Exhibition and Ahmadiyya Persecution in India

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organised the Holy Quran exhibition and Ahmed Bukhari, Shahi Imam Jama Masjid proteseted against Quran Exhibition in Constitution Club of India New Delhi.
Mainstream Political Leader in Kashmir against Ahmadiyyas

Tactic of Jamaat-e-Islami against religious minority Ahmadiyya

Ahmadiyya Religious Persecution: Protest against author Basharat Ahmad on 12th Muslim Marathi Sahitya Parishad conference in Pune.