The Pope Francisco today urged the leaders of the nations of the world “investing in health” and to recognize “the essential role” of nurses and nurses, dedicating a message for the International Nurses Day, this time in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am addressing the heads of nations around the world to invest in health as the primary common good,” the pope claimed today in the message released by the Vatican.

Jorge Bergoglio called for greater investment in the area “strengthening the structures and appointing more nursing personnel, to guarantee everyone an adequate care service that is respectful of the dignity of each person.”

“It is important to effectively recognize the essential role that this profession plays for patient care, for territorial emergency activity, disease prevention, health promotion, assistance in the family, community and school sectors,” stated the Pope in his message.

And he added: “It has been shown that investing in them favors the results in terms of general health and care.”

“Therefore, it is necessary to enhance their professional profile by providing scientific, human, psychological, and spiritual tools for their adequate training; as well as improving their working conditions and guaranteeing their rights so that they can carry out their service with full dignity,” he explained. then.

Bergoglio contextualized his message “at this historic moment, marked by the global health emergency due to the pandemic ” in which he said: “We have rediscovered the importance of the role of nursing staff, as well as that of midwifery.”

“We witness daily the testimony of courage and sacrifice of health workers, in particular nurses, who with professionalism, sacrifice, responsibility, and love for others, help people affected by the virus, even putting their own risk. health, “stressed the Pope.

“Proof of this is the fact that, unfortunately, a large number of health agents have died while faithfully performing their service,” he later regretted, in a context in which only in Italy more than 150 nursing representatives and doctors died.

“Thank you for your service to humanity!”, Thanked Bergoglio, and regretted that “in so many countries, the pandemic also revealed many deficiencies in health care.”

In his message, the pontiff also included “midwives, who assist pregnant women and help them give birth to their children.”

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