Police arrested a priest accused of killing a man with an ax in a temple, Bandha Maa Budha Brahmani Dei Temple near the village of Bandhahuda (Odisha state, India). The event occurred this Wednesday, and the religious confessed that he wanted to make a human sacrifice to a God so that the coronavirus pandemic ends.

The accused, identified as Sansari Ojha, 72, said he had a temple fight with Saroj Kumar Pradhan, 52, about the sacrifice and at one point struck him with an ax to the head. Ojha was drunk at the time but confessed to the crime the next day. Police believe the accused is mentally unstable.

On the facts, the priest stated that he had received orders from God during a dream, that if he made a human sacrifice, the coronavirus pandemic would stop. However, neighbors claimed that the two men had a longstanding dispute over a mango orchard in the village.

While the Police investigate the facts, the activist Satya Prakash Pati asked for strict punishment for the crime. “It is unbelievable that in the 21st century people behave in such a barbaric way. We demand firm action against the culprit,” he said.

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  1. Mr. Shivam Chopra do u have any proof that the priest was a Brahmin.. People like u in the aim of making the news more sensational just putting a tag “Brahmin” and spreading caste based communalism and hatredness..

    • Dear Bidya Sekhar Mishra,
      Yes, we’ve investigated the matter and reported it here.
      We never publish false reports on The Eastern Herald. We follow the journalistic standards and follow the principles of democracy in their true sense.
      And even then if you find, after investigation, that the Ojha priest was not a Brahmin then please report us here in the reply and we’ll act accordingly.
      Looking forward for your feedback.

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