Shobhaa De says Sushma Swaraj should `keep calm and stop tweeting`, Twitterati...

    Shobhaa De says Sushma Swaraj should `keep calm and stop tweeting`, Twitterati give it back to her superbly

    Shobhaa De says Sushma Swaraj should `keep calm and stop tweeting`, Twitterati give it back to her superbly-The Eastern Herald News

    New Delhi: After facing flak over criticising Indian athletes for their medal no-show at the Rio Olympics, author Shobhaa De was on Friday yet again the target of Twitter users.

    The author today suggested that External Affairs Minister should make a New Year’s resolution to “keep calm and stop tweeting,” leaving many Twitter users furious.

    Notably, Swaraj is quite active on twitter and regularly helps Indians in distress abroad. Of late, the minister threatened Amazon with visa embargo if the company did not withdraw an Indian flag-themed doormat from its Canadian platform. The e-commerce website had then removed the article from the online marketplace.

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    Here’s what De tweeted:

    Sushma Swaraj : Resolution for 2017 – Keep calm and stop tweeting.

    — Shobhaa De (@DeShobhaa) January 13, 2017

    This is how Twitterati reacted:

    @DeShobhaa Those tweets help the Indians abroad who are stuck and need help. Your tweets add no value to the society Shobhaaji

    — SAGAR VORA (@sagarvora411) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa FYI @SushmaSwaraj ji tweets about her work and connects with people via twitter. #justsaying

    — Pratap (@PratapMumbai) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa actually this resolution should be yours

    — Shalini Gupta (@shalini8282) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa Resolution for 2017 :keep calm and drink more free ki daaru and criticize people who r doing their job well

    — Cashless Sam (@Samscope) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa haha even Rakhi sawant sounds better then you.
    She is just incredible Foreign Minister we ever had. Do respect her.

    — shweta jhalani (@shwetajhalani) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa another cheap tactics to be in limelight. Such low level tweets r Very much Expected from u as this exposes ur mental bankruptcy

    — Rajesh Khanzode (@RajeshKhanzode) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa ohh really. Why dnt u keep dis as ur resolution. @SushmaSwaraj is doing fantastic job as MEA & she knows her responsibilities.

    — LAKSHYA ADVANI (@imLakshyaAdvani) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa sushmaji is an inspiration for many. I can never imagine u doing something in ur lifetime which can inspire others.

    — rabindra kr sharma (@rabindra_kr) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa she is doing a wonderful job… Y feel so jealous. Proud of @SushmaSwaraj @MEAIndia

    — Divya Rakesh (@divyarakesh09) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa R U sister of swami om? Den Y r u trying to get cheap publicity?

    — Ashiwani Kumar (@PrasharAshwani) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa It’s you who needs to take a resolution to get rid of negativities that you are full of.

    — Venkatesh R (@venkashok) January 13, 2017

    @DeShobhaa Who r u 2 suggest dat? By seeing Ms. Swaraj’s work, empathy & dedication EVERYDAY OUR respect towards her increases by many folds

    — Sambhav Pandey (@sambhavpandey) January 13, 2017