The article points out that although a raw food diet has become a fashionable aspect of modern healthy lifestyles, not all foods are equally useful raw, and some can be harmful.

Firstly, experts do not advise eating sausages that have not undergone heat treatment. They can contain listeria, which can disrupt the digestive system and lead to poisoning.

Secondly, raw beans can be called a dangerous product, since these beans often contain harmful toxic substances that are eliminated by thermal exposure. Beans can also disrupt the digestive tract, writes Inosmi.

It is harmful to human health to eat raw shrimp due to the pesticides that are used on farms to prevent the spread of infections. Potatoes are dangerous when they begin to sprout because bacteria that form on the sprouts enter the tuber and remain in it, even if the sprouts are cut off.

Experts also advise against eating raw mushrooms, rhubarb, almonds, and bamboo shoots.

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