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Tuesday, August, 9, 2022



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The trial of Milena Radulovic’s rape has been interrupted due to a report about a bomb

The trial of the owner of the drama studio, Miroslav “Mika” Aleksic, accused of multiple rapes and sexual harassment, was adjourned today after an hour and...

Dubai: ‘B52 Discotheque’ in ‘Fortune Grand Hotel’ is a hub of ‘Sex Workers’

Dubai is a constantly evolving city, dominated by futuristic skyscrapers and unbridled luxury. The futuristic city of the UAE has a lot to offer...
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Johnny Depp turned the plate: Mustache and Beard are a thing of the past

Amber Heard is in trouble as she plans to pay close to eight and a half million dollars in damages to her ex-husband Johnny...

Democrats and Republicans jointly unveiled a new U.S. gun bill

U.S. senators, representatives of both parties, presented a bill restricting access to firearms. The Senate on Tuesday cleared the first hurdle to passing a...
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The spectacular “Strawberry Moon” was the closest to Earth last night

A part of the planet Earth was illuminated by a supermoon last night, known as the "Strawberry Moon", reports Anadolu Agency (AA). Also: NASA and Nokia...

Loose powder, the secret of permanent make-up during summer days

Summer is on the doorstep, we spend more time outside and absorb much-needed vitamin D by staying outdoors during sunny days. And in addition to...
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How many times in our lives do we find true love?

Do we just lose our heads once or can we hope that more true love awaits us ... Have you ever wondered how many times...

Dua Lipa shows how to relieve stress with the help of yoga

Dua Lipa is best known as a singer, but she can add impressive yoga skills to her list of talents. The 26-year-old British pop star...
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