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Stay Strong, Achieve Goals; A Career Journey

Stay Strong, Achieve Goals; A Career Journey
A Special Editorial Article on Career Journey by Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa.

career is an individual’s lifetime “journey” through learning, work and other aspects of life. Learning here has a wider sense in it. This learning can be learned by many lessons we learn when we sit in the exams. Our life is made up of different segments; desires, needs, haves, and aspirations. To achieve desires one needs to be focused based on their haves and needs.

Right after high school, we start our new face of a journey which leads to somewhere we don’t know. This face of life is the most crucial part; moving above the Teenage summons many lessons to be read. The system of education we have today in India or some other Asian countries is based on the merit of your previous education and this is why NEET, IITJEE and other competitive exams are there wherein not only subject knowledge is calculated but the capacity of your brain is also measured through many means. Reasoning and Analytics are the examples to these. So, millions of people write these competitive exams and try their luck, of course with preparation and many succeed.

Sitting in a competitive exam doesn’t ensure your success in that. Millions sitting in those exams have hope that they may achieve what is desired and when they don’t fall under merit they again try for the same the very next year with more enthusiasm and more energy. This is what is called being strong and stay in the field.

Yes, this is true; after 2-3 attempts, one may feel not very enthusiastic or energetic too which make their mind think about some other relative options. This way they are not being rigid with what they were before competing in the exam.

I want to take an example here wherein one decides to change his/her choice of subjects from sciences to computers. This way students face a big deal of struggle and finds it quite very difficult and out of interest too because of no-friendliness with computer studies in the past. This is why, generally, students fail to score well.

Earlier only the most developed countries followed the concept of Education and Career counseling but now in India too one may find good counselors to guide them the right career path enabling them to become something in future. Career counseling has a very significant role in one’s life and career.

How difficult it is to rebuild one’s career?

I don’t say it this way. Rebuilding a career is a task which needs to be taken very seriously. It takes a lot of efforts towards the new field of study or career. Maybe you’ve chosen a way which you’ve never studied but can become very suitable for you.

What are the situations which might force someone to rebuild one’s career?

There may be a lot of situations; as mentioned earlier, the not success in competitive exams even after repeated tries. Or sometimes one feels the course we wanted to study is not so career-oriented anymore as per the present market trends.

But in any situation, it is advised to see an education counselor who can definitely help you get some better options suitable to your personality, mindset and talents.

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