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Eintracht Frankfurt and Deutsche Bank: perfect deal

FRANKFURT – The Bild newspaper reports that the deal between Frankfurt Eintracht and Deutsche Bank is now perfect. This coincides with the information that this newspaper published two weeks ago. Afterward, Deutsche Bank becomes, among other things, the name sponsor of the arena – and the entire site. The area should be called “Deutsche Bank Park”. The contract is to run until 2027, and Eintracht is to receive more than five million euros each year.

“We feel very attached to the harmony. We are two strong partners for the region, ”said Christian Sewing, head of Deutsche Bank, in a FAS interview. In addition to the naming rights, Deutsche Bank replaces Commerzbank, which had given the former Waldstadion its name since 2006, it is also about “a comprehensive regional commitment including an even closer business cooperation” (Sewing).

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Background of the future partnership: From summer Eintracht itself will be responsible for marketing the arena, and contracts with the city of Frankfurt will be concluded until 2035. For the first time, Eintracht will benefit directly from the marketing rights.

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