Berlin – Denise Herrmann actually wanted to fly to the dream island of Mauritius in a few days and “sit on the beach lounger” for two weeks. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, the vacation plans of the best German biathlete are also waste.

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“That would have been so nice, but it just doesn’t work,” said the 31-year-old to the German Press Agency. While diving in the Indian Ocean and having a cocktail or two with friend Thomas Wick, the world champion would have been happy to switch off her cell phone completely. But now she’s on the phone more than usual. «Otherwise it is more the case that I don’t want to see anyone and think, now you’re going to turn off your cell phone for a week. But now it is the case that people are already on the phone a lot more and are looking for social contact », said the Saxon.

Instead of enjoying the longed-for vacation in the Indian Ocean after the exhausting and successful season, Denise Herrmann now has a lot of time for other things: washing the big spring cleaning and curtains – even if that is only partially fun, as she says with a laugh.

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After the ski hunters had to cancel their season finale in Oslo due to the pandemic and the rest of the competitions were canceled, Herrmann trained until last Sunday – with a view to the coming season. “You can’t do anything for six weeks now, but it’s just more difficult, there are no extra permits for us, we can’t get in anywhere, not in the weight room or to shoot,” says the seven-time World Cup winner.

The only “sparring partner” is her boyfriend, with whom the 2019 pursuit world champion is often cycling or jogging around her adopted home town of Ruhpolding. “In times like these, it feels good to belong to someone,” said the former cross-country skier who ended his career after the season.

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While Wick, who is celebrating his 29th birthday on Easter Sunday, is training, his girlfriend has to be careful. It mustn’t do too much: “This is cross dangerous – you actually have to go out for two or three weeks, from the head and body, to let the systems regenerate a little longer.”

The exit restrictions aren’t that bad for the former cross-country skier who switched to ski hunters in 2016. And it can even take something positive out of the distance rule. In principle, a little more distance is good, “at the airport, for example, when people are crowded together for a long time, that’s annoying. But now it is the case that they almost all jump onto the shelves while shopping, »reports Herrmann with a smile.

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For them, as for many winter sports enthusiasts, the hygiene rules are part of everyday life. «This is our daily bread to avoid viruses and bacteria and not to get sick. It’s normal for us, maybe not quite so for others. But it’s still not a normal situation now. »

Even if she is currently not able to train as usual, Denise Herrmann is not yet very worried that the season preparation could be disturbed and the coming season is in danger. There is already a rough annual plan, the coaches are on the phone. If, however, from May 1st, the official start of training, such as shooting or strength training, is still not possible, “it will be difficult.” May, however, is the month when “you still have the least losses”.

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However, if the altitude preparation in the Alpine region that started last year cannot be completed in summer, “it would be stupid. I hope that we don’t have as much loss in terms of training goals. But we are a sport that progresses through many training tools. So far, we have got off lightly compared to most others, especially the summer athletes, »says the biathlete.

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