Saturday, April 4, 2020
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Dilnaz Shaikh
An editorial staff member at The Eastern Herald. Studied journalism. A climate change warrior publishing content on climate, weather, and planet.

Ajax Amsterdam: The moving story of Abdelhak Nouri

His son suffered a cardiac arrest, he suffered permanent brain damage from the resuscitation, today he is a case of care - does the...
Trump doesn't want to quarantine New York

Trump doesn’t want to quarantine New York

For the time being, US President Donald Trump wants to avoid closing off hotspots like New York. "Quarantine will not be necessary," Trump wrote...
Abuse often takes place in your own four walls.

Domestic Violence in Corona Quarantine: Increased Risk for Women and Children

Council of Europe Secretary-General Marija Pejcinovic Buric has vigorously warned of an increase in domestic violence during exit restrictions due to the coronavirus. Reports...
The Glienicke Bridge connects Berlin and Brandenburg | Photo: Uwe Rada

Entry bans in Brandenburg: Mark and metropolis need each other

The Berliners are coming. This was the slogan in the early 1990s when a school class from Friedrichshain traveled to Brandenburg in a school...

Lack of toilet paper in socialism: two meters a year must be enough

Why the Germans are hoarding toilet paper in the Corona era is a matter of concern to many people. Explaining it with an alleged...

Satellite brought into space: First use of the space force

The American Space Force has launched its first national security mission. On Thursday, an AEHF satellite from the armaments and technology group Lockheed Martin...
Corona in the UK: protection against deportation

Corona in the UK: protection against deportation

For 350 people from 49 UK countries on the UK deportation list, the coronavirus has unexpected consequences: you can stay in the country for the...
Corona advantages-in-the-home-office-it-s-finally-time-for-selfcare

Corona:Advantages in the home office, It’s finally time for selfcare

In the series "How I Met Your Mother" one of the characters, Robin Scherbatsky, who works as a news anchor, has a colleague and...

Viruses and bacteria in the blood: microbial DNA could indicate cancer

DNA traces of viruses and bacteria in the blood could provide clues as to whether a person has cancer. An international team of researchers with...
Corona in Bolsonaros Brazil: On the way to the Corona revolt

Corona in Bolsonaro’s Brazil: On the way to the Corona revolt

Jair Bolsonaro's words were almost lost in the noise: on Tuesday evening, Brazil's president addressed the population with a television speech. In numerous cities, Brazilians...