Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Synthia Rozario
An editorial staff member of The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.
The Vucjak dump site in December 2019 shortly before closing | Photo: Ben Owen-Browne

Refugees on the way to the EU: Corona blinds

The men desperately crowd around Zehida Bihorac, asking for food, shoes, warm clothes. The little woman raises her hands defensively and says in English:...

Interview with the former German spaceman Thomas Reiter

Mr. Reiter, you spent a total of more than 350 days in space, including 176 days onboard the Russian Mir space station and 166...

Worldwide corona crisis: why these countries became hotspots

Mayor Giorgio Gori and Luca Lorini, chief physician of the intensive care unit of the Pope John XXIII clinic in Bergamo, agree: The first...

Woody Allen’s memoirs: The coffin was always half full

The dispute over the publication is over, Woody Allen's autobiography has been published, has been in the United States since the beginning of the...
Asylum seekers and corona border closure: Asylum in viral times

Asylum seekers and corona border closure: Asylum in viral times

The Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) denies a report by Focus that the entry restrictions to Germany in connection with the corona pandemic...

In Corona times, poverty becomes a special risk factor in America

Is the scratchy throat just a cold or the coronavirus? In the United States, nearly 70,000 people have tested positive for Corona to date....

Quarantined domestic violence in China is increasing significantly

Two weeks ago, a young woman in Shanxi Province, China jumped out of a high-rise window at dawn. Shortly before her suicide, she had...
Corona in the Gaza Strip: the virus breaks the blockade

Corona in the Gaza Strip: the virus breaks the blockade

"The fear here is like war," writes the photo reporter Mohammed Zaanoun of the TEH, "only that the murderer is unknown." Until last weekend,...
Postponement of the Olympic Games: turning momentum

Postponement of the Olympic Games: turning momentum

In the Anglo-Saxon region, athletes like to speak of "momentum" when something changes in their favor. The ominous momentum, a kind of fateful condensation of...

Corona crisis: this is how you stay patient while waiting

Mr. Baklayan, whether in line at the crowded supermarket or in the queue at the emergency medical service: One of the biggest challenges seems...