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Monday, February 6, 2023

Amir Sayem



Studied Masters of Population Sciences from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Writing about issues including social, political, public health, environmental, and international relations. Contributor to The Eastern Herald from Bangladesh.

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Suppression of giftedness and talent: the importance of anti-suppression act

Of course, the term ‘suppression’ is not an often-cited concern but the suppression of gifted and talented persons occurs in different counties at different...

Land grabbing, prevention and recovery in Bangladesh

Land grabbing is a major cause for concern in Bangladesh. Of course, a huge amount of land is illegally grabbed. According to the Land...

Bangladesh… Electoral violence and political parties

In the recently held local elections, three people were killed and many were injured because of the clashes of opponent groups in Bangladesh. Electoral...

Foreign aid, conditionality and development

Foreign aid, which is significant for developing economic and other aspects in less developed and developing countries, is given to different countries. Less developed...

Third World War and its possibility

The pandemic made devastating impacts across the world by causing the death of the lives of millions and bringing enormous economic loss and other...

Regarding media trial in Bangladesh

Of course, the phrase 'trial by media' has become much known in the world recently. In fact, many experience media trials in different countries...

Reformation of political committees

Of course, political parties are crucial in multiparty-based politics. According to available sources, there are around forty registered and more than forty unregistered political...

Marital partner(s): social causes and spiritual acts

Of course, marriage is an important part of life — not only for physical happiness but also for mental peace, social reasons, spiritual peace,...

Lockdown: can it be avoided altogether?

Of course, the term ‘lock down’ now appeared to be known to all across countries because of the ongoing pandemic named Covid-19. In fact,...