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An uproar after an Iranian won gold in Tokyo… and the Olympics “encourage sending...

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has come under fire over an Iranian athlete affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards who won a gold medal at...
real madrid semi finals winner

2012 disasters penalty changed Sergio Ramos’ life – Once a choker, now a specialist

On 25th April 2012, after 120 minutes of action, the winner between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich was decided by penalty Shoot-out. It was...

Sports economist: “Athletes are not better after the crisis”

Frankfurt / Main (TEH) - Cologne sports economist Christoph Breuer expects the coronavirus crisis to have an impact on the financial situation of top...
Anti Doping before the Council of State new disappointment for Clémence Calvin

Doping: before the Council of State, new disappointment for Clemence Calvin

The Council of State rejected on Friday one of the remedies of the marathon runner Clemence Calvin in the case of her refusal of...

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