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Algeria-France Relations: Growing Tension or Normalization with New Determinants (Analysis)

Algerian-French relations are still inside a dark tunnel caused by President Emmanuel Macron with offensive statements, and with the difficulty of predicting the outcome...

The visa crisis… a new chapter in an aggravating French-Algerian dispute

The issue of consular permits to return Algerian irregular immigrants sparked a sharp dispute between Paris and Algeria, after a French decision to reduce...
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Turkey: Congruence of views with Algeria on regional and international issues

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that Turkey and Algeria have identical views on regional and international issues such as Libya, Tunisia, and Africa. This...

Morocco expresses its readiness to assist Algeria in fighting the fires

On Wednesday, Morocco expressed its readiness to assist Algeria in fighting the forest fires that are ravaging several regions, according to the Moroccan Foreign...
Algeria.. Elections, a possible scenario that may lead to a "coalition for the continuation of the regime"

Algeria.. Elections, a possible scenario that may lead to a “coalition for the continuation...

On Saturday, Algerians head to the polling stations in the context of early legislative elections rejected by the movement and part of the opposition...
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Explosion in western Algeria claimed five lives

A gas blast on Saturday killed five people and injured 16 in the city of El Bayad in western Algeria, the civil defense service...

Algerian Vice President allows the army to operate outside the border

On Sunday, the Algerian Council of Ministers approved the draft amendment to the constitution proposed by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and it is scheduled to...

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