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The Uighur Muslims… who cares?

We’ve all heard about the severest human-rights crisis in the world, i.e. the arbitrary detention of millions or even more Uighur Muslims in straggling...
coronavirus domestic violence pandemic law

Lifting the veil of shadow pandemic

From womb till coffin women are prone to act of violence. Violence against women begins with a sex-selective abortion caused by the son-preference attitude...
Regina Duarte, Minister of Culture of the Bolsonaro government resigned

Regina Duarte, Minister of Culture of the Bolsonaro government resigned

The secretary of Culture of Brazil, Regina Duarte, the actress who staged a novel with a low audience in the Government of Jair Bolsonaro...
A pregnant woman waits while another goes into labour at the general hospital in Man

Reducing Maternal Mortality – Everyone has a role to play

Going back in time to precisely ‘1982’, a safe motherhood initiative was launched to reduce maternal mortality at least by half by the year...
Benedict XVI compared homosexual marriage with the "antichrist"

Benedict XVI compared homosexual marriage with the “Antichrist”

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, known for his traditionalist positions, claims that his detractors want to "silence him" and compares gay marriage and abortion with...

Poland – Ban on Abortion – Politics

Poland's parliament has adopted two laws at first reading that prohibit abortion and public sex education. Both laws were introduced as civic initiatives by...
Has never experienced anything like this: Soran Ahmed in his supermarket

A supermarket in the time of Corona: the enemy is invisible

"We all underestimated that. However, consciousness must first establish how dangerous this virus is. And then these hamster purchases. I've been a retail salesman...

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