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Another goal of Dubai – more women leaders and entrepreneurs

The ruler of the Arab world's most famous kingdom or emirate Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's dynamic and visionary leadership gave the emirate...
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Biden is playing a dangerous game in the Middle East

Washington's new policy in the Middle East looks like a sandcastle. Targeting Mohammed bin Salman means endangering a region. The new media frenzy over...
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A Saudi official denies reports about bin Salman and Netanyahu meeting in the UAE

A Saudi official denied the validity of media reports that talked about a plan to hold a meeting between the Kingdom's Crown Prince, Prince...
Netanyahu did not take off - why the historic visit to the Emirates failed

Netanyahu did not take off – why the historic visit to the Emirates failed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to refuse a major visit to the United Arab Emirates 10 days before the elections, reports The...
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The UAE to invest a $ 10 billion in the state of Israel

The UAE announced, on Thursday, the launch of a $ 10 billion fund to invest in Israel, according to a statement reported by the...

Dubai’s Post Oil Era

Coauthored by Mary Mendoza Dubai’s glitz and glamour are reflections of its economic success, seen and felt by its population, be they foreign direct investors,...
Iranian official: The UAE will be in our circle of response if Israel targets our national security from the Gulf

Iranian official: The UAE will be in our circle of response if Israel targets...

Today, Sunday, a high-ranking Iranian official addressed a strong threat to the United Arab Emirates, against the backdrop of its normalization agreement with Israel...
Tamanna Wahi, Kadak FM RJ, Instagrammer, Photo Blogger, Famous and renowned fashion influencer in UAE, Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Life’s Work: An interview with Tamanna Wahi from Kadak FM

Many bloggers dream of a digital footprint, but only a few of them achieve. Tamanna Wahi has started her photo blogging on Instagram, a few...
UAE Iran relationship improved Safavi supreme leader's adviser

Iran’s “relationship with the UAE has improved,” says Yahya Safavi, advisor of supreme leader

Yahya Safavi, the adviser to the Iranian Supreme Leader for military affairs, said that his country's relationship with the UAE has improved, confirming his...
Qatar Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani

The Gulf crisis in front of a new initiative .. Doha is stuck

Qatari media has quoted Qatar Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani as saying on Friday that there is a new...