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She says she’s glad that people are finally “seeing the ugly truth” about Oprah...

Actress Rose McGowan talks harshly about the chat show queen Oprah Winfrey. She does so in a post on Twitter and shares a photo of...

Sharon Stone shines in Venice, the Italians say: She is perfect

The irresistible Sharon Stone is currently in Italy. The beautiful 63-year-old actress has combined the comfortable with the use and is having a great...

Bangladesh.. BNP politicians make fun of autistic children on YouTube

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)’s cultural wing leader Helal Khan is the owner of Central Music & Video (CMV). Helal Khan was earlier accused of...

Pori Moni event and some reflections

The event of Pori Moni, a leading actress of the Bangladesh film society, has drawn attention from many at home and, to some extent,...
'Attempted murder and rape', actress Pori Moni's open letter to the Prime Minister

‘Attempted murder and rape’, actress Pori Moni’s open letter to the Prime Minister

On Sunday night, the popular heroine of Bangladesh, Pori Moni, got into a brawl on social media over her Facebook post. She tried to...
Sabrina-Sultana-Keya-Sabarina-Bangladeshi cine star Sabrina Sultana Keya’s glamorous two decades

Bangladeshi cine star Sabrina Keya’s glamorous two decades

Sabrina Sultana Keya is known to millions of her fans just as ‘Keya’. In Bangla, Keya is the name of a flower. Two decades...
Nicole Kidman appears as a Greek goddess

Nicole Kidman appears as a Greek goddess

Australian actress Nicole Kidman posted a photo of her new look on Instagram. Her dress had obvious Greek motives, and fans considered Kidman to...
Amazon Prime's "Unpaused" - An Alternate Outlook to Lockdown

Amazon Prime’s “Unpaused” – An Alternate Outlook to Lockdown

Even though the nation went into a lockdown, it opened the doors of new emotions and a newfound appreciation for smaller things in life!...
Netflix, Movie, President of the United States, Actress, Marilyn Monroe, Netflix Series, Sex, Hollywood, Pop icon, 20th Century Fox, John F. Kennedy, Playboy,

Marilyn Monroe – the fascinating life of the actress comes to Netflix

Perhaps the name Norma Jeane Baker does not sound in your head, but just by saying Marilyn, we already draw the figure of the...
Actress, Sofía Vergara, Joe Manganiello, Wedding, Los Angeles,

Sofia Vergara is celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara has many failed relationships and a failed marriage behind her, but since she sailed into the port of marriage with...

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