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Germany farmer protest in Berlin

Tractors in central Berlin – Farmers protest the adoption of new regulations

A group of German farmers drove tractors through the center of Berlin today, protesting against the adoption of new regulations, which they say will...
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Increase in bird flu cases in France and India, thousands of poultry are killed

The outbreak of bird flu that affects France as well as India led local authorities to order the slaughter of thousands of poultry to...

The largest deforestation in Bolsonaro’s administration in Brazil since 2008

The deforestation in Brazil this year is greater than it has been since 2008. A total of over 11 thousand square kilometers have been...
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Selling oil production licenses in protected areas in Trump’s final days as president

The government of Donald Trump, the outgoing President of the United States, plans to start selling oil production licenses in a protected area in...
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Why we shall continue with the idea of ‘AtmaNirbhar’ Bharat: Emphasizing Smart Villages parallel...

One fundamental fact about reorganizing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 was the obtrusive rural-urban disparities. The framers...
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An Ebola-like virus spreads among rabbits in the US and Mexico

Thousands of domestic hares and rabbits in the United States and Mexico died after contracting type 2 rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease, or RHDV2, which...

45 Years, how Vietnam War changed the contour of capitalism?

War in Indochina, popularly known as the Vietnam war, occurred in two phases. First Indochina War was fought mainly between Viet Minh (the national...
Agriculture Market and Economy in India

How COVID-19 impacts the Rural Economy of India

The journey of COVID-19 starts from the end of December 2019, but in India, it came from March 2020 in a significant way. The...
The Discourse of 'Precariat Struggle' in World Democracy.

Opinion : The discourse of ‘Precariat Struggle’ in world democracy

During the 1970s, the idea behind the neo-liberal strategies was the development of flexible labour-market. The central plank behind neo-liberalism was the maximum competition...
The UN warned of the threat of rising starvation in West Africa

The UN warned of the threat of rising starvation in West Africa

"The worsening situation with the spread of the new coronavirus could trigger a sharp increase in the number of hungry people in West Africa...

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