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Belarusian airlines may be denied access to airspace and EU airports

Belarusian airlines may be denied access to airspace and EU airports

On Monday, the leaders of the EU countries called on the EU Council to approve a decision to ban Belarusian airlines from using the...
Ukraine "allows" NATO to fly over Crimea

Ukraine “allows” NATO to fly over Crimea

The Ukrainian authorities have proposed to the NATO air forces to use the airspace of Crimea for their operations. This idea was put forward...
Qatar's Foreign Minister: Turkey is a strategic ally

Qatar’s Foreign Minister: Turkey is Qatar’s strategic ally

Qatar's Foreign Minister Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani said that Turkey is a strategic ally of his country, noting that Doha welcomes...
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Reports – Qatar and Saudi relations are motivated by Turkey to end Gulf Crisis

The Qatari Emiri Court announced, on Monday evening, that Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani will lead his country's delegation at the 41st...

The USA and Israel are preparing for a war with Iran

The situation in the Middle East is rapidly deteriorating. On the first anniversary of the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani by the Americans,...

Bahrain complains to the UN Security Council against Qatar’s allegations

Bahrain, its neighbor, Qatar, complained to the Security Council, Saturday, after accusations by Doha of Manama of breaching its airspace. On Wednesday, Qatar said that...
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Air flights over Crimea – USA allows its airlines to fly in the Simferopol...

From October 27, the airlines of the United States of America will resume flights in "certain areas" of the airspace of the occupied Simferopol....
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In Libya, Turkish air defense systems attack unidentified MiG-29

The clash between the aviation of the Libyan army of Khalifa Haftar and the Turkish troops took place in the skies of Libya. According...
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The Netherlands opens Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash case against Russia in Donbass

The Netherlands Flight Safety Fund launched an investigation into Ukraine’s refusal to close airspace in the Donbas when a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane crashed...

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