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Russian army in the Arctic - CNN

CNN: The accumulation of the Russian army in the Arctic

Russia is accumulating an unprecedented military force in the North Pole and testing the latest weapons in an attempt to secure its north coast...
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Selling oil production licenses in protected areas in Trump’s final days as president

The government of Donald Trump, the outgoing President of the United States, plans to start selling oil production licenses in a protected area in...
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Announcement of 2020 US Election Winner will have to wait for Days

Americans must be prepared for the results of the US presidential elections 2020 will have to wait for several days, or even weeks, besides,...
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The times you need to keep in mind for the night

Election day has passed in the United States and today the Americans decide whether Donald Trump will remain as president or Joe Biden will...
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Tsunami Alert: Tsunami threat emitted in Alaska after 7.5 earthquake in Pacific

A 7.5 earthquake - recorded this October 19 at 20:54 (GMT) south of Aleutian islands- has prompted a tsunami alert for various parts of...
Dentist sentenced to 12 years for pulling out a tooth while using an electric skateboard

Dentist sentenced to 12 years for pulling out a tooth while using an electric...

He had 40 charges against him, including extracting teeth without permission from patients, fraud in the health care program, and illegal practice of medicine. Seth...

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