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Relations between Ukraine and Poland – agreement between Andrzej Duda and Volodymyr Zelensky

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic “covers” Poland and Ukraine, Polish President Andrzej Duda decided to come to our country. During his visit,...
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Zelensky and Duda will visit Odessa together and take part in the Ukrainian-Polish economic...

Polish Presidents Andrzej Duda will meet with the President of Ukraine on October 12 in Kiev and will visit Odessa on October 13. "On October...
Ukraine military plane crashes and took 26 lives including children

Ukraine military plane crashes and took 26 lives including children

The authorities are analyzing whether there was a failure in the engine. Twenty-six people, mostly students from a military school, were killed when a military...
US troops movement from Germany to Poland, military news, usa news, america news, army news, us troops movement july 2020, russia position strengthens in europe. world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

US eager to transfer troops from Germany to Poland: “Will strengthen the containment of...

The Polish presidential elections were even more important than some experts said. Then it was determined not only and not so much who and...

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