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Home: Angela Merkel has to be in quarantine

Politics in the Corona Crisis: Home Office for Merkel

Angela Merkel is in quarantine at home. According to the government spokesman, the chancellor was informed after her press appearance on Sunday evening that she...
politician s union rejects quotas for refugees on greek border

Politician’s union rejects quotas for refugees on Greek Border

The Union rejects Greens' requests to admit refugees from the Turkish-Greek border in Germany. "It is irresponsible because it sets completely false hopes in the world," said...
the un mediator in libya resigns said situation is a scandal

The UN mediator in Libya resigns, said situation is a Scandal

The UN representative for Libya, Ghassan Salame, resigns. The Lebanese diplomat announced on Twitter that he was no longer up to the stress. The Office of the...
is the eu turkey refugee deal now breaking

Is the EU-Turkey refugee deal now breaking?

The EU is skeptical of the first rumors from Turkey that more Syrian refugees are on their way to Europe. The "refugee deal" still applies. How...
situation on the greek turkish border escalates

Situation on the Greek-Turkish border escalates

There have been clashes at the Turkish-Greek border crossing at Pazarkule. Thousands of migrants came together on the Turkish side. Some threw stones, the Greek police...
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Angela Merkel’s CDU party to choose new leader in April

The German conservative party will appoint its new president and potential successor to Angela Merkel in late April. After several electoral setbacks, the CDU intends...
Europe Budget The EU 27 separate without Comprommise e1582322359610

Europe Budget: The EU-27 separate without Comprommise

We will have to meet again: the 27 separated on Friday evening after two days of negotiations in Brussels, without agreement on the next...
Angela Merkel denounces the poison of racism in Germany e1582218886955

After the double attack, Angela Merkel denounces the “poison” of racism in Germany

Angela Merkel castigated Thursday the "poison" of racism in Germany after the attacks that killed nine people in Hanau, near Frankfurt, linking this act to other...

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