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I wrote ‘Cry Me a River’ in just two hours!: Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake wrote his song 'Cry Me a River' in merely two hours. Britney Spears singer sang rumored song 'Cry me a River' in 2002.

Mallika Singh gives dance lessons to kids in Gujarat

Actress Mallika Singh, who is shooting here for her show "RadhaKrishn", uses her free time to teach dance to some children."Dance makes me happy and I like to be associated with it as much as possible. When I was told by a local worker that the kids in the village were interested in learning dance, I decided to start a dance class," Mallika said in a statement."Since I am busy with the tight

Don’t think success is easier for star kids: Rohan Mehra

Mumbai, Oct 24 (The Eastern Herald) Rohan Mehra is not just another star-son. Being the son of the versatile Vinod Mehra, who left the world too soon, he was no privileged scion with a golden spoon. He says success doesn't come easily to anyone.

Ali Fazal teams up with Pradeep Sarkar for ‘Arranged Marriage’

It's a twisted tale between the couple and has its own complexities that will be beautifully explored by Pradeep sir on a larger canvas. We have just begun filming,

Nomadic artefacts exhibits present a slice of lives on the go

New Delhi, Oct 22 (The Eastern Herald) Traditional ‘Ektaras and 'Bapangs' crafted from dried vegetables, paintings of colourful Banjara turbans and sketches documenting nomadic kitchens in Rajasthan are on view at a gallery space here, depicting the lives of the state's nomadic communities.

No more ‘bad blood’ between Swift, Perry

Los Angeles, Oct 21 (The Eastern Herald) Singer Katy Perry has praised Taylor Swift, with whom she had a long-running feud, for voicing her political opinion.

Islamic, Indian medieval artefacts to be sold at Christie’s London

London, Oct 21 (The Eastern Herald) Collectors and connoisseurs of Islamic and Indian art are in for a treat as medieval historical artefacts dating between the 9th and the 19th centuries will be on auction at Christie's London on Thursday.

I’m available as an actor across languages: Ashish Vidyarthi

New Delhi, Oct 21 (The Eastern Herald) National Award winner Ashish Vidyarthi has acted in hundreds of films in languages like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali, but the actor in him wants more. He also feels he has had less opportunities in Bollywood.

Lara Dutta refuses work offer from Mukesh Chhabra’s company

Mumbai, Oct 20 (The Eastern Herald) Actress Lara Dutta Bhupathi has turned down a work offer routed through the casting company of Mukesh Chhabra, one of those accused of sexual harassment amid the #MeToo wave in India.

Avril Lavigne has no marriage regrets

Los Angeles, Oct 20 (The Eastern Herald) Singer Avril Lavigne says she does not regret marrying musicians Chad Kroeger and Deryck Whibley, who are now her former husbands.

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