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UN hopes for ‘low-key’ dialogue between Pakistan and India

On Monday, the United Nations expressed its hope to "launch a low-profile dialogue between Pakistan and India." This came in a press conference held by...

Turkish FM: Changing status of Jammu & Kashmir harmed peace in the region

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that India's change of the constitutional status of the Jammu and Kashmir region under its control further complicated the...
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An Indian’s Lament for Kashmir

The issue of Jammu and Kashmir has been an intractable one ever since India gained independence. Many people have tried to resolve it and...
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Liberals Lose Because Of Their Hypocrisy, Not Because Of Their Beliefs

“It is often easier to fight for a principle than to live up to it.” – Adlai E Stevenson II, Candidate for President of...
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Galwan Valley – Strategic Piece of Cake for the Dragon and the Elephant- Who...

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Ladakh standoff shot very much higher political tensions between the two Asian superpowers. The tension escalated as both the...
Crafting peace a greater dimension of restoring valley lost glory scaled

Crafting peace a greater dimension of restoring valley’s lost glory

India’s Home Minister Amit Shah’s speech in both the Upper House (Rajya Sabha) and the Lower House (Lok Sabha) was not striking in itself, but his...

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