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Fateh Khaybar – Iran launches military exercises on the borders of Azerbaijan and Armenia

Iran announced the launch of military exercises under the name "Fateh Khaybar"(Conquerors of Khaybar), on Friday, on its borders with Azerbaijan and Armenia, in...

Russia strengthens base in Tajikistan with anti-tank missiles

Russia continues to strengthen its 201st military base stationed in Tajikistan. A batch of modern anti-tank missile systems "Kornet" entered its armament. This was...

Israeli artillery responds to the firing of rockets from Lebanon towards its territory

An Israeli army statement announced that three missiles were launched from Lebanon today towards northern Israel, confirming that they hit Lebanese territory with artillery. The...
UAE buys self-propelled howitzer from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

UAE buys self-propelled howitzer from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina's first self-propelled howitzer, a post-war technological marvel of a dedicated industry, could soon reinforce the United Arab Emirates (UAE) military. This is...
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What can end the war for Nagorno-Karabakh

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan approaches the point of no return... Ceasefire negotiations are always a difficult task for diplomats. The side that...
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War in Donbass – Ukraine to withdraw troops and opening new checkpoints

The Ukrainian side has begun preparations for the next withdrawal of troops in Donbass in four directions and the opening of two checkpoints. Vice Prime...
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In Libya, Turkish air defense systems attack unidentified MiG-29

The clash between the aviation of the Libyan army of Khalifa Haftar and the Turkish troops took place in the skies of Libya. According...
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Turkey transferred troops to Azerbaijan against Armenia, why?

Joint military exercises of the armed forces of the country together with the army of Turkey are starting in Azerbaijan. Turkish military transport aircraft...
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Armenia-Azerbaijan armed aggression killed a major general and several army men

Seven Azerbaijani army soldiers, including an officer with the rank of major general, were killed during clashes that broke out with the Armenian side...
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Armed aggression between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Washington mediates

The United States of America condemned the clashes on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia and called on both sides to go to peaceful...

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