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Number of corona infected over two million

Washington - Johns Hopkins University reports that the number of infections worldwide with the novel coronavirus has exceeded the two million mark, according to...

University: Around 95,000 Corona deaths worldwide

Washington (TEH) - According to data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, around 95,000 people worldwide have died as a result of the...

More than 2450 Corona deaths in Germany

Berlin / Washington (TEH) - At least 116,304 infections with the new Corona Virus have been registered in Germany by the afternoon. This is...

Peak: 731 new deaths in New York

New York (TEH) - At the preliminary climax of the corona crisis in New York, the particularly hard-hit US state recorded 731 deaths in...

Already more than 80,000 coronavirus deaths worldwide

Washington (TEH) » According to US experts, more than 80,000 people worldwide have already died from infection with the novel coronavirus. The number of...

Corona pandemic: Trump is considering “quarantine” for New York

President Donald Trump is apparently considering far-reaching cordoning off New York and other states severely affected by the corona crisis. "Some people would like...