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Report: Raisi’s economic plan in Iran is unrealistic and difficult to achieve

A report by the Atlantic Council, a think tank in Washington, confirmed that the biggest challenge that the new Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, will...

Ekaterina Rozhkova considers her reprimand as a threat to the independence of the National...

First Deputy Head of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova believes dismissing her for communicating with the media is a wake-up call for the independence...
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Iran’s central bank governor pledges to fight speculation in the local currency

The central bank’s governor, Nasser Nasser Hemmati, said he would defend the troubled Iranian riyal in the face of speculation and without pumping a...
Corona pandemic will shrink Italy's economy to 20 years low

Corona pandemic will shrink Italy’s economy to 20 years low

While Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte acknowledged that the country's economy could go back 20 years due to the coronavirus crisis, Italy reopened this week...

Reopening Liquor Shops in India during COVID-19 Lockdown: Boon or Bane?

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of Government of India, in its order dated 1 May 2020, extended the lockdown till 17 May 2020...
A very special shutdown - TEH special report

A very special shutdown – TEH special report

The office buildings in the American capital are largely deserted, the streets deserted. This makes something possible that is otherwise not recommended: an exploration...
France - exit remains restricted - politics

France – exit remains restricted – politics

French President Emmanuel Macron has extended the stringent exit restrictions in the fight against Covid-19 until May 11th. There is hope, Macron said on...

Dax is growing significantly again

Frankfurt / Main (TEH) - At the beginning of the sixth week of the Corona crisis, investors in the German stock market have taken...
EU summit fails on corona bonds: the limits of solidarity

EU summit fails on corona bonds: the limits of solidarity

The EU has failed to develop a common strategy against the impending collapse of the economy as a result of the corona crisis. At...
the us federal reserve cuts interest rates amid coronavirus threat

The US Federal Reserve cuts interest rates amid CoronaVirus Threat

Central banks around the world are ready to release fresh money to boost the markets in times of pandemic worries. "The G7 central banks are...