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Child abuse on the Internet increased during the pandemic

The number of cases of child abuse on the Internet increased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic, Europol announced today. Since the beginning of the pandemic...

Trump was much more diligent than Biden in telling lies

US President Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden did not meet yesterday as scheduled. Despite this, they were both answering questions on television...
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Lifting the veil of shadow pandemic

From womb till coffin women are prone to act of violence. Violence against women begins with a sex-selective abortion caused by the son-preference attitude...
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Force Majeure: Lockdown Blues for Children

Playing and spending time with his friends, going to school every day with enthusiasm, having randomized visits to relative's place, and going with family...

Poland – Ban on Abortion – Politics

Poland's parliament has adopted two laws at first reading that prohibit abortion and public sex education. Both laws were introduced as civic initiatives by...

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