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A pastor asks to be buried alive to “resurrect” like Jesus but died

James Sakara was a 22-year-old man who served as pastor of the Zion Church, in a Christian congregation in Zambia, South Africa. This very...
Crisis in the Vatican - the Pope ordered a reduction in salaries

Crisis in the Vatican – the Pope ordered a reduction in salaries

As a result of the deficit in the balance of the Holy See in recent years, "aggravated" by the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis today...
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Religious harmony – how far is it?

In September 2020, Charlie Hebdo, a French Magazine, published a cartoon caricature on Prophet Muhammad (Sm) that expectedly caused immediate protests across countries. Of...
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Catholic Pope Francis says homosexuality is not a sin but having sex with homosexual...

Homosexuality, LGBT, and LGBTQ are always questioned when religion is reached. Pope Francis is the first pope to declare support for the confirmed cohabitation...
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Liberals Lose Because Of Their Hypocrisy, Not Because Of Their Beliefs

“It is often easier to fight for a principle than to live up to it.” – Adlai E Stevenson II, Candidate for President of...
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Erdogan: Converting the Hagia Sophia into a museum was a wrong decision and we...

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that converting the Hagia Sophia Mosque to a museum was a wrong decision and that they corrected it...
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Will the Hagia Sophia be a mosque again? Church warns of consequences

Turkey's highest administrative court is now considering the demand of nationalists and religious groups for the conversion of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul's main landmark, into...

Terrorists outfits are imposing a “Kurdish identity” on Syrian residents

The International Syriac Council (WCA - World Council of Arameans) confirmed that the terrorist organization "CBK / BKKA" continues its plans to convert northern...
Kazi Nazrul Islam

Opinion: Kazi Nazrul Islam, his Political Ideology, Activism and Literature

The Indian Freedom Struggle was a time of glorious achievements. It produced luminaries in the field of peace like Mahatma Gandhi and the war...

Easter despite Corona? In Worms the following applies: Now more than ever!

WORMS - One of the limitations of the global corona pandemic is an explicit ban on public worship. “There has never been anything like...

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