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The Middle East .. From tension and conflicts to diplomacy

In these days in which the repercussions of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan continue, we are witnessing rapid developments in the world of politics...

Biden will say at the UN that he does not believe in a new...

U.S. President Joe Biden, who is due to speak before the UN General Assembly tomorrow, will say he "does not believe in the notion...

In a precedent 30 years ago…Japanese ground forces launch military exercises

Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) on Wednesday began a military exercise involving all units for the first time in nearly 30 years in a...
NATO Secretary General: China is not our enemy, but its military influence is a challenge

NATO Secretary General: China is not our enemy, but its military influence is a...

There will be no new Cold War with China, but Western allies will have to adapt to the challenge of Beijing's rising influence, NATO...
Biden went to NATO summit: confrontation between Russia and China

Biden went to NATO summit: confrontation between Russia and China

The American president's European tour continues. After meeting with his G7 colleagues, Joe Biden has an equally important meeting with allies at the NATO...
Biden and Putin about US-Russia digital cold war

US Cold War with Russia goes digital

Jen Psaki's appointment as US President Joe Biden's press secretary was greeted in Russia with derisive comments. She was reminded of past slips of...
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Will Biden avoid escalating Cold War between US and China – Bloomberg

Since last year, there have been thoughts that China and the United States have already started a Cold War. American President Donald Trump was...
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Poisoning of Navalny – How Trump may react to the production and use of...

The European Union agreed on sanctions against Russia for the poisoning of Alexei Navalny... It was outrageous enough that the banned nerve agent Novichok...
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Germany ready to mend relations with the US

It is not every day that the Defense Minister of a major NATO ally proposes a new course in transatlantic relations, emotionally expressing his...
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An Indian’s Lament for Kashmir

The issue of Jammu and Kashmir has been an intractable one ever since India gained independence. Many people have tried to resolve it and...

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