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Kazi Nazrul Islam

Opinion: Kazi Nazrul Islam, his Political Ideology, Activism and Literature

The Indian Freedom Struggle was a time of glorious achievements. It produced luminaries in the field of peace like Mahatma Gandhi and the war...
The Kremlin is not a social security

“The Kremlin is not a social security for you”

Almost 11 thousand new patients with coronavirus are detected daily in the Russian Federation, and their total number almost doubles every three days. At...

45 Years, how Vietnam War changed the contour of capitalism?

War in Indochina, popularly known as the Vietnam war, occurred in two phases. First Indochina War was fought mainly between Viet Minh (the national...

Liverpool FC does not send employees on forced leave

Liverpool ยป Liverpool FC has revised its decision and does not send numerous employees on forced leave during the coronavirus crisis. The Chairman Peter...

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