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How did Africa benefit from the trade war between China and Australia?

Remarkably, since 2019 China has invested billions of dollars in iron mines in Algeria and Guinea, and imported iron ore from Mauritania, which raises...

Third World War and its possibility

The pandemic made devastating impacts across the world by causing the death of the lives of millions and bringing enormous economic loss and other...

UEFA EURO 2020: Leonardo Bonucci said “Once again we treated the English badly”

Leonardo Bonucci, the player of the Italian national football team, was very happy when he spoke to Italy's RAI Sports television after the final...
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FIFA confirmed the date of the Club World Cup dispute

The FIFA confirmed that the Club World Cup 2020 will be played in Qatar between February 1 and 11 next year, to allow time...
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This is how Trump could work to win the battle against Biden

Voters in several key states could still secure the re-election of US President Donald Trump, despite the fact that Democrat candidate Joe Biden has...
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More than 90 percent of Americans voted early in Election

A record 90 million Americans voted early in the U.S. presidential election, data showed Saturday, as President Donald Trump and his Democrat rival Joe...
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Turkey finds new gas reserves, how this influences the Geo-Politics of the Black Sea

On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Turkey's recent discovery of additional natural gas reserves in the Black Sea. This development shows that...
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Another Initiative of REsolv Corporation, USA – Aligarh Muslim University

The online Inaugural Ceremony of the two-week online Communication Skills Development Program (October 5-16, 2020) organized by REsolv Corporation, Massachusetts, the USA in collaboration...
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More difficult than we think .. Who should get the Corona vaccine first?

Who should get the Corona vaccine first? It is a question that worries both ethics and medicine. Some see that the priority in getting...
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The Indian government bans TikTok. What’s next for Indian creators and their followers?

On the 29th of July, the Indian Government banned 59 apps by Chinese developers. According to the official report from the Ministry of Electronics&IT,...

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