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Cinderella Syndrome is the key enemy of today’s India

In just eleven years, Sheikh Hasina has transformed an economically challenged Bangladesh into one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. But, on the...
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Coronavirus Dilemma – Vaccine mandatory or voluntary

Today, a year after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the lives of millions of people depend on coronavirus vaccination. And while many around the...
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60 people arrested in London protesting against vaccination against COVID-19

On Saturday, London police detained 60 people during a protest against quarantine and vaccinations. Police have previously lined up several streets in the West End...
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Everyone dies alone. And COVID-19 can only be defeated by joint efforts

Leading countries nervously joined in the search for a panacea for the coronavirus, which infected 60 million and killed 1.5 million people in the...

How to invest in a Covid-19 vaccine and should you do it?

Attempting to navigate your way through the swathes of misinformation surrounding the coronavirus and a potential vaccine that exists online can be a challenging...
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Sputnik V – Russia announces the suspension of coronavirus vaccine trials

Vaccination in the framework of clinical trials of the Russian vaccine against COVID-19 "Sputnik V" has been suspended, reports the Reuters... It is noted that...

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