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Beirut Explosion – An Accident or Intentional Mystery

The explosion of ammonium nitrate, which is used as fertilizer and an ingredient in bomb-making, occurred in the port of the Lebanese capital city...
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Cyprus, Egypt, and Greece form an alliance over the Mediterranean rule, they aim to...

The head of the Romanian Southern Cyprus Administration, Nicos Anastasiades, met, on Wednesday, with the Egyptian Presidents Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Greek, Kyriakos...
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Turkey proves the false claims of Greece that it has an invisible submarine

By taking pictures of it, the Turkish naval forces proved false claims made by Greece about its possession of an "invisible" submarine. And security sources...
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Cyprus cancels citizenship program

Cyprus has announced it is suspending its citizenship-by-investment program following reports of abuse of a system that gives wealthy passports and visa-free travel across...
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Greece-Turkey Conflict – Greek and Turkish diplomats begin talks on Mediterranean conflict

The foreign ministers of Turkey and Greece met on Thursday for the first time after between Greece and Turkey the conflict began to escalate....
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Spain hosts Switzerland for the UEFA Nations League

Spain, leader of Group 4, will receive in Madrid Switzerland, which closes the positions, in the outgoing game of the seven that will be...
EU leaders call on Cyprus to lift veto on sanctions against Lukashenko's regime

EU leaders call on Cyprus to lift veto on sanctions against Lukashenko’s regime

Cyprus continues to demand the imposition of sanctions against Turkey for exploration off the coast of the island in the Mediterranean. European Union leaders will...
Greece will either talk or face the consequences

Erdogan: Greece will either talk or face the consequences

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Greece today to enter talks on disputed territories in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea or to...
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Greece continues to take unilateral steps against Turkey in Roman Cyprus

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the European Union should call on Greece and Cyprus to exercise restraint in the eastern Mediterranean, not Ankara. This...
Ankara refuses to deploy French military aircraft to Cyprus, Turkey France relations, Cyprus dispute, French army airforce against Turkish empire, military and war news, policy, diplomacy, world news, breaking news, latest news; The Eastern Herald News

Ankara refuses to deploy French military aircraft to Cyprus

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that it is not possible to accept France's deployment of military aircraft in the administration of southern Cyprus, other...