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From smuggling money to raising pets, the private conversations of ISIS members on “Telegram”

A report by Foreign Policy magazine revealed the digital world of ISIS women in the camps, and the most important topics they discuss in...

Learning to shoot at the age of eight… The tragedy of a British boy...

The British newspaper Daily Mail reported the story of a British boy named Abdullah, no more than 13 years old, who lives in a...

The story of Abdul Nasser Qardash, leader of Daesh (ISIS)

Large cities like Raqqa or Mosul were under his rule and the world looked in horror at the images that came from the "caliphate". But...
The "Beatles", the bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists, will be extradited to the US

The “Beatles”, the bloodthirsty ISIS terrorists, will be extradited to the US

Two jihadists from a group known as the Islamic State's "Beatles" will be extradited to the United States on Wednesday for trial there, according...
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The Beatles ISIS on its way to the United States

Alexanda Amon Kotey known as Jihadi Ringo and El Shafee Elsheikh, the last two members of a notorious group of Daesh militants known as...
The Daesh (ISIS) praises the killings of French humanitarians

The Daesh (ISIS) praises the killings of French humanitarians in Nigeria

AVIP carried out a rapid attack in the Koura area southwest of the Nigerian capital Niamey Daesh (ISIS) praised its West African branch "AVIP" for...
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Daesh terrorists kill at least 20 in a prison in Afghanistan

The Afghan authorities rose today to 20 dead and 42 wounded victims of the bombing Sunday of the group jihadist Daesh (ISIS, its acronym...
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Rebels launch an attack near gas projects in Mozambique

Suspected Islamist militants attacked a town in northern Mozambique near billion-dollar gas projects run by Total and Exxon Mobil early Saturday morning, a police...

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