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A report on Australia’s possible war crimes in Afghanistan will prove to be burdensome...

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will appoint a special prosecutor to prosecute troops for war crimes in Afghanistan. The Australian Government is currently preparing...
galwan valley indo-china conflict, The Eastern Herald News

Galwan Valley – Strategic Piece of Cake for the Dragon and the Elephant- Who...

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Ladakh standoff shot very much higher political tensions between the two Asian superpowers. The tension escalated as both the...
Near Orekhovo, the invaders fired almost three dozen 120-mm mines

Ukraine: Aggravation in Donbas, fighters hit from heavy mortars, four wounded

The militants of the Russian-occupying forces on Saturday, May 9, fired seven times at Ukrainian positions in the Donbas from heavy mortars, anti-tank missile...
Trump is not looking for a military confrontation with Iran

Trump is not looking for a military confrontation with Iran

The American Wall Street Journal quoted military experts as saying that the military readiness of the United States for a possible confrontation in the...

Middle-East: Trump’s missile shock to bin Salman

The Wall Street Journal reports that the United States is withdrawing four Patriot missile defence systems from Saudi Arabia. Dozens of troops are also...
The Discourse of 'Precariat Struggle' in World Democracy.

Opinion : The discourse of ‘Precariat Struggle’ in world democracy

During the 1970s, the idea behind the neo-liberal strategies was the development of flexible labour-market. The central plank behind neo-liberalism was the maximum competition...
Government requested emergency powers

Russia : Government requested emergency powers

The government introduced a bill to the State Duma that expands its powers in case of emergency. Experts warn that business-related situations need careful...
Why can't we concentrate on the value system?

Why can’t we concentrate on the value system?

By definition, the value system refers to a hierarchy of values that human beings possess, demonstrated by their choices. Though most people's value systems...
Germany: great American self-deception as mentioned by Handelsblatt

Germany: Great american self-deception as mentioned by Handelsblatt

Despite the fiasco of coronavirus, US elites continue to extol the superiority of their nation. Why? They are very afraid of the impending change. About this writes...

Choose the Eintracht Frankfurt players of the decade

FRANKFURT - Who belongs to the Eintracht Frankfurt eleven of the decade ending December 31? You could make it easy for yourself and nominate...