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Bird flu hits India. How to deal with bird flu?

Bird flu hits India. How to deal with bird flu?

Is the situation already out of control? This is what some fear, what others affirm, at the start of 2021 marked by the sensational...

Turkish FM: Changing status of Jammu & Kashmir harmed peace in the region

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that India's change of the constitutional status of the Jammu and Kashmir region under its control further complicated the...
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An Indian’s Lament for Kashmir

The issue of Jammu and Kashmir has been an intractable one ever since India gained independence. Many people have tried to resolve it and...
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Liberals Lose Because Of Their Hypocrisy, Not Because Of Their Beliefs

“It is often easier to fight for a principle than to live up to it.” – Adlai E Stevenson II, Candidate for President of...
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Corona’s Silver Lining – A Reflective Analysis

“Every cloud has a silver lining,” is a brainchild of John Milton who passed away in the late 17th century... long before the COVID19...
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Human Rights violation for the sake of Women’s Rights – Domestic Violence and the...

Ever since the imposition of lockdown, domestic violence or "violent behavior or aggression against a spouse/partner" is on the rise in India. The spike...
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India urgently purchases Russian fighters MiG-29 and air defense

According to them, India intends to neutralize as soon as possible the threat from the air forces of China and Pakistan, which previously made...
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Lifting the veil of shadow pandemic

From womb till coffin women are prone to act of violence. Violence against women begins with a sex-selective abortion caused by the son-preference attitude...
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The curious case of “No School and No Fees” In India

No School, No Fees, a demand, on paper, seems concise and simple but will be a huge blow to the economic dynamics of society. The...
Suffering of COVID-19 in India News Coronavirus

Challenges and Suffering of COVID-19 in India: Efficient Model and Success Stories

"He feels uneasy but does not realize the gravity of the situation. Within a short while, he grasps what is at stake and warns...